Harney Fine Teas Latest Arrivals

Raspberry Mojito

The winner of our 2019 Blend Contest, our all-new Raspberry Mojito offers a refreshing, caffeine-free brew full of bright, fruity notes.


Chocolate Chai

All-new but an instant favourite, our Chocolate Chai Supreme combines the flavours of a classic chai with rich chocolate and vanilla.


Bees Knees

This Roaring Twenteas-inspired tea, a play on the 1920's cocktail, will arouse your senses with its beautiful botanical aroma and silky smooth sweet cup.


Decaf Paris

Relax with the same great fruity flavours of vanilla, caramel, and bergamot – with a decaf black tea base – and still get a good night's sleep!


The Met - Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy Herbal consists of chamomile, peppermint, and verbena.


The Met - Hot Apple Spice

The duality of sweetness and spice makes for an irresistible cup--as pleasant as a mural in a museum.


The Met - Taste of British

A mixture of black and green tea with bergamot oil.


Matcha 30g

Powdered green tea, now available in a more affordable size. Powdered green teas have been consumed in China and Japan for centuries. We enjoy the bracing vegetal flavours, as well as the unusual process for preparing the tea.


Mothers Day

Our tea sachets in decorative Mother's Day tins make a thoughtful gift for Mom, or the perfect choice if you are hosting a Mother's Day tea or luncheon.


Blueberry Green

Artfully blended Chinese green tea with lemongrass, blueberry, and vanilla to create a brew that's sure to hit all the right notes.


Blood Orange

A bold new member of our iced tea collection, Blood Orange packs the exquisite flavours of a delicious herbal tea with the relaxing, refreshing character of fruity infusions.


Birthday Party

Birthday Tea combines luscious fruit and berry flavours with flowers to create a delightful and yummy crimson cup of tea worthy of a celebration.


Valentines Day

Keep the romance alive and enjoy this special tea with your special someone throughout the year.


Organic Ginger Turmeric

Turmeric & Ginger Tea comes from the best part of the Earth to fuel the best days of your life.