9 Teas that satisfy the most common cravings

One easy way we like to fight our cravings is by finding low-calorie, or better yet, no-calorie alternatives (ahem, tea, ahem). Read on to find tea substitutes for your cravings.


If saying no to dessert is your greatest weakness, this section is for you. Our Chocolate tea is a lovely substitute for those who enjoy biting into a warm brownie or a slice of chocolate cake. If ice cream is your thing, we recommend your sip on our Vanilla Comoro tea instead when the craving hits. It tastes similar to vanilla ice cream and is just as delicious over ice. The best part? It’s decaf so you can drink one (or two) before bed without the fear of a sleepless night.


So you have a hard time skipping your morning latte or evening brew? Our Chai tea will help you bypass the coffee shop on your way to work. Can’t say no to a drink after a long day? Our Lapsang Souchong will remind you of a smooth glass of bourbon or whiskey.


If you find yourself constantly reaching for the candy jar, our selection of sweet, sugar-free teas will help satisfy that craving. If you’re a fan of fruity candies you’ll love our Fruit Teas. With flavours like Peach and Mango, these decaf teas will quell any fruit candy craving. Or as a cold alternative Iced Passion Fruit. If you like spicy, cinnamon candies, our bestselling Hot Cinnamon Spice tea is a perfect substitute. If mint candies are your weakness, our Chocolate Mint tea will surely hit the spot.