Organic Ginger

Known in Ayurveda as the universal remedy, ginger has been honored around the world and across time for its unique medicinal properties. Made with the finest organic ingredients, our ginger Chopra tea will aide digestion, help strengthen the body’s digestive fires, known in Sanskrit as agni. A strong agni supports absorption of nutrients and elimination of toxins. A daily cup of Ginger Chopra will cleanse and detox, purifying and renewing your body.
Contains 20 organic caffeine free sachets of Organic Ginger Root, Organic Lemon Peel, Organic Ginger Pieces and Organic Black Pepper.

Tin contains 20 luxurious pyramid silken sachets of the finest loose leaf tea.

  • Chopra Organic Ginger Tea
    Contains 20 luxurious pyramid silken sachets
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